Northern British Bulldog Club Of NSW

2018 Critique

Critiques from the Northern British Bulldog Club Championship show

March  2018

Judge: Mrs Debbie Morrison-Tierney

Only 1st place winners were critiqued

Minor Puppy Dog
 1. Llemmegs Fair and Square. 
Good developing head with a good width of jaw. 
Lovely dark eyes and nice ear set. 
Good bone for a minor puppy. 
Developing hindquarters which need time to strengthen. Good topline. Acceptable movement. Would like to see a little bit less weight on this dog. 

Junior Dog
 5. Unforgetabul Sargent Pepper. 
Good sized dog with beautiful bone. I would prefer a little less wrinkle on his head. Good layback but ears need to be showing the burr in a correct rose formation. I would like to see his flews extended more to the side of his muzzle. 
Adequate tacked on shoulders but would like to see more depth of brisket. Just a little bit long in loin. In lovely Show condition. 
Reserve Best Dog

Limit Dog
 7. Buldawg Handiwork. 
Small compact dog. Head a little small in comparison to body 
But good layback and lovely small rose ears. Nice dark eyes. 
Finer in bone that what I would like to see. Unfortunately also weak in hindquarter movement. Nice tail and set. 

Australian Bred Dog
8. Oushinu Catch A Squirtle. 
Good sized dog with a fairly pleasing head. Short in rib but would certainly prefer the ribcage more rounded with more depth of brisket between the forelegs. A nice roach back and a nicely angulated stifle. Good tail 

Open Dog
11. Ch Llemmegs Sherman Tank. 
Lovely head qualities. Good width of jaw with a good turn up. 
Nice ear set. Eyes dark and set nicely in the skull. Good feet. Good shoulder placement. 
Great bone with adequate depth of brisket. Nicely developed tacked on shoulders. Good body. 
Short neck. Stifle angulation good with good hock placement. I would of preferred his topline over his loins to be more rounded. Movement very nice. 
Best Dog CC. Best in Show

Puppy Bitch
15. Wewuv Got To Have Faith. 
Small compact bitch. 
Small head but with good ears. A little light in eye colour. 
Would prefer her flews set more on the side of her foreface. 
Good point of shoulder. Good roach back but would prefer a more angulated hindquarter. 

Junior Bitch
16. Hullabullula Lady Emelyn(AI)
Good style of bitch. A little naughty on the day. Lovely developing head although would like a little more width of lower jaw. Good dark eyes. Nice ears and ear set. Lovely depth of brisket. Great developing shoulders presenting with a nice pear shape and lightly made hindquarters. Lovely roach back. A little fine in bone although acceptable. Overall a very nice bitch.
Best Bitch CC. Reserve Best in Show

Limit Bitch
18. Buldawg Mylou. 
Very short compact bitch. Carrying too much weight unfortunately.
All there in head but would prefer a better ear set. 
Lovely depth of brisket. 
Good feet. Good movement. 
Nice topline with good hindquarters. Pear shape was hidden due to too much weight. 

Australian Bred Bitch
21. Buldawg Back To The Future(AI)
Nicely bodied bitch. And good size. 
Would prefer a bigger head and her flews to extend to the side of the foreface. Lower jaw lacking in upsweep and a little too long in length. 
Good hard short coat
Feet a little loose. Nice short neck. Good roach back. 

Open Bitch
22. Ch Thistlebull I Love Lucy. 
Pleasing head qualities but I would prefer it to be bigger overall. Lovely tacked on shoulders with a nice topline. Good pear shape. Would prefer more turn of stifle and let down in hock. Nice small feet. 
Reserve Bitch CC


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